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Rainy day

January 8, 2008

It is raining slightly, which must be a disappointment to the ladies who are probably wearing most beautiful dresses underneath their mackintoshes. However a strong wind is blowing and perhaps it will clear later in the afternoon.

I am reading Basic econometrics for examination. My next is appraisal economic plans and at last will be industrial economic. They are important and essential lessons in industrial economic field. I must get ready in one week! It is next to impossible…


January 6, 2008

This days I am a little tired and impatient.
I will write here coming soon…

Marriage celebration and car decoration

May 26, 2007

Marriage celebration and car decoration

This funny photo creates by Mr. Hamid Barghamadi (one of my best friends) in university of Sistan & Balochestan. The car is Paykan (one of old Irankhordro products that expired in last years) that decorated for marriage celebration.

Irrelevant Bookmarks

August 9, 2006

I think one of the foundation web 2.0 properties is tagging. Tags play important role in web pages. But most users don’t know usage in proper method. For example inputting amiss values such as irrelevant characters or words in tags, title and description fields when uploading photos in flickr.

As far as I can see, filling fields with accurate information may be help to visitors. It’s enough to put you in exchange users than come from search engines. But I know not neither can I guess than what we are not more careful?!

Moscow Skyline

June 15, 2006

Moscow Skyline

Я так устал, который я не могу написать больше. только см. эту хорошую фотографию. (I’m so tired that i cannot write more. Just see this nice photo. Moscow skyline evening)

Google Translator and Persian Dream

April 27, 2006

Google Language tools have been updated today introducing a new Arabic to English and English to Arabic beta translator. This is something that will interest certainly the Arabic community since almost the only online Arabic translator is Ajeeb by sakhr software.

But we (Persian community)? Even we haven't same online Persian translator perfectly. I think inserting Google translator for Persians will be best award for them and that will interest certainly. When it released ?!

East or West?

January 31, 2006

I’m working in a far-off place at the present time and I comprehended, it is truly said: “East, West, home best” 🙂

What isn’t multi language?

December 30, 2005

Before I start my words, I prefer to give thanks WP team for this free service.
I’m Persian web design and developer. I believe the had a good effect on wordpress users. Great number of Users (special wordpress developer) migrates from personal blog to sub domains. So that, being English speaking peo are clear than other users such as Persian users or other national.

Among Persian users who did not use, there were some of my friends. Many of these person said “supplies and support not sufficient for Persian users”. Unfortunately Latin templates are not useful for this group. They want to compiled your template or in next level, install new plugin. Its true many languages have Latin as their basis and the English language is spoken nearly all over the world nowadays. But it’s not enough!

Also I believe the user’s opinions are the single most important thing to the future of!

Slutsky and Hicks decompositions

December 26, 2005

I have microeconomics quiz today. Yesterday morning, when one of my friend’s points out Slutsky’s and hicks Theorem, I was shocked. I couldn’t solve the test problem about Slutsky and Hicks decompositions. It was confused.

After search in different books such as Professor Salvatore (Schaum’s outline of theory and problems microeconomic theory) I couldn’t solve this problem again. But when search in google I found this resolve in time. Thanks google

Merry christmas

December 25, 2005

have a happy Christmas, I wish you an enjoyable Christmas holiday.